Diabetes Prevention Programs

Do you know your A1c?
If you know your A1c score, you will be asked to enter it during registration. However, you do not have to know your A1c to register.
Were you diagnosed with gestational diabetes?
If you were diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you automatically qualify for this program.
Have you taken the CDC Prediabetes Screening Quiz?
This short screening is an easy way to see what your risk of prediabetes might be.
If you have Medicare, it may cover your Diabetes Prevention Program class starting April 2018.

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For questions about this site, or to learn when additional DPP classes are open for registration, please complete the form below. If you would like information about a specific county or counties, please include the county name in your email. Thank you!

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Click on the map to find a Diabetes Prevention Program in your county.

NC Diabetes Prevention Programs map

Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPPs) are classes designed to empower people at risk for prediabetes to take charge of their health and well-being. Find a Diabetes Prevention Program here.

A DPP Success Story

“Last year, I needed to lose weight due to (high) blood sugar. I was referred the Diabetes Prevention program by my doctor. I (have) lost the weight and lowered my (blood) sugar to acceptable levels. Several people at the office have commented on weight loss. I know several people who would love to take advantage. Great program!” DPP Participant
If you have diabetes, click here for Diabetes Self-Management and Support.