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Testimonial 4

Last year, I needed to lose weight due to (high) blood sugar. I was referred the Diabetes Prevention program by my doctor.  I (have) lost the weight and lowered my( blood) sugar to acceptable levels.  Several people at the office have commented on weight loss. The Diabetes Prevention Program is a great program and if it is covered by our (State Health Plan) insurance, I know several people who would love to take advantage. Great program!  

– State Health Plan Member

Testimonial 3

 At the beginning of this program, I thought it was going to be a diet program.  I soon learned this was not to be.  I have been on diets all of my life and nothing worked and I was so tired of everyone harping on dieting.  This is a change of lifestyle and thought process.  It took many months and 20 pounds and I realized, my taste had changed and I was eating different foods and less of them.  This program worked for me and is one I can continue on for life. 

– Participant

Testimonial 1

My weight has gone down since being in this class and (the class) showed me how to look at food labels.

– Participant